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Semi-precious gemstones, pearls, seeds, shells, horn, and bone are among the materials I incorporate into each distinctive piece of jewelry. I try to get natural, untreated gemstones whenever possible, but some are heat treated or otherwise enhanced in some way. Pearls are sometimes dyed or bleached.

To ensure durability and quality, every one of my creations is made by hand using sterling silver wire, and each link and hook-and-eye clasp is cut and formed by hand. I don't us
e any pre-made chain or links. For strung pieces I use a 49-strand, nylon coated, non-kinking bead wire. Any metal findings are always sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, or copper. I don't use plated or base metals at all except for the eyeglass holder components.

My inspiration comes from two lifelong loves—art and travel—which turned a long-time hobby into a passion for creating jewelry inspired by the places I have visited over the course of thirty-plus years. Drawing on the natural splendor of the mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, oceans, and sand dunes I have seen and explored, I strive to make each piece echo the landscape that inspired it. And natural substances are the essence of my creations.

The highest importance is placed on color combinations, which can range from invigorating, fun, and happy to serene and tranquil. Color is also one of my first considerations when beginning a new design. And the greatest effort is made to make every item unique, incorporating individual, often unexpected final touches so that each piece says something significant about the person who wears it.


I’ve always done something creative...took all the art and design classes possible in high school and 2 years of college. I’ve tried painting, drawing, calligraphy, several forms of sculpture, computer design, etc. I’ve worked for print shops, newspapers, fabric stores, and even a jewelry company for eight years! I knew I wanted to keep creating somehow, but I was still searching for that perfect... obsession, I guess you could call it. I envied people who had found their passion, or obsession, and could just lose all sense of time when they were creating.

It all started when I moved to Alabama from Maryland in 2000 (I'm actually from Chicago so this was my third area of the country to live in, and a major culture shock. I needed a creative distraction)...

My sister, Dawn (also a very creative person; it sort of runs in the family), suggested that year that we buy some jewelry kits from the internet and eitherPart of my workspace - always a bit of a mess give the kits or the finished jewelry as gifts. There were so many interesting pieces that I got a little carried away. More than a little. I never thought about it before, but making jewelry was another form of sculpture, only you could wear it! Anyway, I didn’t end up buying kits but insteadwent for the beads, gemstones, stringing materials, silver wire, etc.; learned everything I could, and made my own designs. I'm STILL learning!

I decided this was a great opportunity to start my own business. I had always wanted to, but never had anything to sell or the time to put into it. At this point in my life I had both. So it's growing, slowly but surely.

In my quest to find inspiration for design and information on how to market my jewelry and start a small business, I used the internet and learned tons about marketing and creating websites. Web design became my secondary passion. (See other sites I've designed!) I learned a little HTML (still learning), bought Macromedia Dreamweaver and a few other graphics programs, and devoured everything on the internet that had anything to do with design, navigation, marketing, software, and site hosting.

I created my website in Dreamweaver and Fireworks. My goal was to make it as simple as possible to navigate and read. My biggest challenge is the photography. I don't even own a scanner. I bought a digital camera which I think is much more effective anyway. I just have to keep tweaking things a little and eventually I'll get it just right.


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